Our Story

Daffodils & Rhubarb

We have a long love affair with all things vintage, having been immersed in its charm from childhood. Our lovely mum adored rediscovering lost pieces and loved nothing better than heading out on a ‘jolly’ to find that certain something to style our family home. Daffodils & Rhubarb is a testament to our much missed mum, continuing the legacy and becoming our passion to ReDiscover, RePurpose & ReLove.


It was our mum’s dream to one day write a novel entitled ‘Daffodils Amongst the Rhubarb’; dedicated to life’s sentiment of love, loss, happiness and longing. Now, in mum’s memory, we’re writing our very own chapter.

Why Daffodils & Rhubarb?

Rediscovering beautiful and unique items has continued to inspire us when styling our own homes, so much so that we have decided to share our love of all things vintage with you.

We find that the joy of sourcing vintage is the individuality that is often synonymous with pieces from times gone by. Pieces which have a story to tell, provoke that spark of nostalgia or make us exclaim ‘do you remember that? So and so had one of those!’

Our beautiful bay leaf illustration acts as a fond and nostalgic reminder of summers spent in Herne Bay where the hunt for treasures always took on epic proportions! “The Bay” as we fondly referred to it (and still do!)... is one of our most favourite places where we made so many happy memories.


Some kind words...

"A​bsolutely love a delivery of my new obsession...beautifully wrapped and posted with lots of protection from the lovely shop that is Daffodils & Rhubarb...Such a great lady and always ready to help you find those ones you are really wanting to own! Thank you so much!"​